POWERS OF ADDICTION (demo version of Blood On Stone)

Powerís an addiction
Once you've held it in your hands
I have to win because
Winningís all that counts
Iíll take the rough with the smooth
And accept the end results
But just to be behind the wheel
And feel the rush from my blood

And I want it, oh...so bad
The thrust, the thrill, the speed
When my footís on the gas

Holding on tight
Waiting for the green light
Weíre heading for the sunrise, hold tight
Holding on tight
We canít stop and turn around
Weíve gotta make it now
Before the sun goes down

Itís not good enough
To finish second best
Itís the risk of life or death
When you strive to beat the rest
Feel the heat and the dust
The sweat is pouring down my head
I have a thirst for speed
And a fire in my breath

And I need it, oh...so bad
And I love it, the speed
The speed, it drives me mad