There is illusion in my mirror 
I have to show concern 
ĎCos what is left is right 
Donít know which way to turn 
And there is someone who is like me 
But all they want to do is stare 
And he would like to find the key 
But Iím not there 
Shadow, nothing but a shadow 
Sunlight, never see the sunlight 
Power, I got a special power 
Shadow, nothing but a shadow 
And now Iím moving 
Down the sidewalk 
Just staring at the ground 
And if I donít look up the scene 
Will change around 
And we are residents of nowhere 
What do we really say 
Like a marionette just 
Acting out a play 
I thought I saw a face that I knew 
While running through the crowd 
Then she turned to look at me 
I didnít really feel a thing 
Just floating through the air 
A trick of light for all to see