She’s got me going crazy
Right over the speed of sound
And I swear if she knew what she can do
This thing would leave the ground

She’s got a streamline body
Shines like pearls in a rich man’s eyes
She’s there on the list of desire
Won’t you let me take my prize

I gotta have this T Bird Angel
So we can fly away
I gotta have this T Bird Angel
And drive all night and day

She’s a two door diva
Yeah, just what I’m looking for
And lost in this moment of madness
It only makes me want her more

She’s my one temptation
There with her headlights  on
She’s never too much to handle
On the road where she belongs

We’re burning out on the highway
Me with  my foot to the floor
No wonder why everybody goes crazy
Gotta drive this T-Bird more