WHY (11.18 min version)

This version has slightly different lyrics than the single b-side version

Thought of no tomorrow
The pain, tears and sorrow
And you never told me why
The way you cheated
And mistreated
You could never tell me why

But Iím gonna find out
Iím gonna find out
Whatís been messing up your mind
Messing up your mind

Is there any true reason
Or anything I can explain
Canít we talk about it baby
Get together again
You see I have the feeling
That this isnít the end
And I feel it knowing
On you I depend

Iím gonna find out
Yeah, Iím gonna find out 
What has been
Messing up your mind

Perhaps itís best for us
To stay together 
And try to live our lives as one 
And maybe we will find
Weíre still together
To watch the setting of the sun