Released on: ‘Live In Moscow’ 1988.
Studio version released on 'Still Eavy Still Proud' compilation 1998.

Time: 4.53
Written by: Phil Lanzon & Bernie Shaw
Arranged by: Uriah Heep
Recorded live during the band’s series of ten concerts at the Olympiskij Stadium in Moscow, USSR, between 7 & 16 December 1987
Produced by: Uriah Heep
Engineered by: Janos Mihaly & Gabor Hegegus
Mixed at: PRT Studios, London, England
Mixed by: Uriah Heep & Bob Mallett, Mixing Engineers: Bob Mallett & Dave Ford
Published by: Copyright Control

Mick Box - guitar
Lee Kerslake - drums
Trevor Bolder - bass guitar
Phil Lanzon - keyboards
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals

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