Recorded live at The Magician's Birthday Party at The Astoria in London, UK 8th November 2003

DVD Released in February 2004
UK: CRL1525

1. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley)
2. SHADOWS OF GRIEF (Hensley/Byron)
3. PILGRIM (Hensley/Byron)
4. BAD BAD MAN (Lanzon)
5. DEVIL'S DAUGHTER (Byron/Box/Hensley/Kerslake)
6. WISE MAN (Hensley)
7. TOO SCARED TO RUN (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
8. FIREFLY (Hensley)
9. HEARTLESS LAND (Box/P.Lanzon/M.Lanzon)
10. FREE ME (Hensley)
11. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke)
12. BEEN AWAY TOO LONG (Hensley)
13. STEALIN' (Hensley)
14. CRY FREEDOM (Box/Lanzon)
15. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron)
16. LOVE IN SILENCE (Box/Lanzon)
17. THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
18. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley)

MICK BOX - Guitar And Vocals
LEE KERSLAKE - Drums And Vocals
TREVOR BOLDER - Bass Guitar And Vocals
PHIL LANZON - Keyboards And Vocals
BERNIE SHAW - Lead Singer


Event producer: Bob Carruthers
Recorded by Total Audio Solutions
Mixed at The Roundhouse by Rafe McKenna, assisted by Jeremy Gill

Recorded live at The Magician's Birthday Party 2003

Also released as DVD + CD + book set
See Special Releases for info

Magic Night