Live recording at The Olympic Stadium, Moscow USSR Dec 1987

Released in 1995 in Japan only
Japan: Suncrown CRVR-80037

1. PACIFIC HIGHWAY (Lanzon/Shaw)
2. TOO SCARED TO RUN (Box/Daisley/Kerslake/Goalby/Sinclair)
3. STEALIN’ (Hensley)
4. MR. MAJESTIC (Lanzon)
5. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke)
6. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron)
7. GYPSY (Box/Byron)
8. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley)
9. CORINA (Box/Lanzon/Shaw)
10. LOOK AT YOURSELF (Hensley)

MICK BOX - Guitar, Vocals
LEE KERSLAKE - Drums, Vocals
TREVOR BOLDER - Bass Guitar, Vocals
PHIL LANZON - Keyboards, Vocals
BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals

Released on DVD titled: Moscow And Beyond ... in 2002

Live In Moscow