U.K. Singles


Spice: What About The Music / In Love
United Artists UA2246
-no picture sleeve-
The only record release by Spice. After Ken Hensley joined in December 1969 the name was changed to Uriah Heep

Look At Yourself (edit) / Simon The Bullet Freak
Bronze WIP 6111
-no picture sleeve-

The Wizard / Gypsy (edit)
Bronze WIP 6126
-no picture sleeve-

Easy Livin' / Why
Bronze WIP 6140
-no picture sleeve-

Stealin' (edit) / Sunshine
Bronze BRO 7
- no picture sleeve-

Something Or Nothing / What Can I Do
Bronze BRO 10
- no picture sleeve-

Prima Donna / Shout It Out
Bronze BRO 17
- no picture sleeve-

One Way Or Another / Misty Eyes
Bronze BRO 27
- no picture sleeve-

Wise Man (edit) / Crime Of Passion
Bronze BRO 37
- no picture sleeve-

Free Me / Masquerade
Bronze BRO 47
Free Me UK

Come Back To Me / Cheater
Bronze BRO 62
-no picture sleeve-

Carry On (edit) / Been Hurt
Bronze BRO 88
Carry On UK

Love Stealer / No Return
Bronze BRO 96
Love Stealer UK

Think It Over / My Joanna Needs Tuning
Bronze BRO 112
Think It Over UK

ABOMINOG JUNIOR EP: On The Rebound / Tin Soldier - Son Of A Bitch
Bronze BRO 143
Abominog Junior EP UK

That's The Way That It Is / Hot Persuasion
Bronze BRO 148
That's The Way That It Is UK

Lonely Nights (edit) / Weekend Warriors
Bronze BRO 166

Lonely Nights (edit) / Weekend Warriors (picture disc)
Bronze BROP 166
Lonely Nights UK pic disc

Stay On Top / Playing For Time
Bronze BRO 168
Stay On Top UK

Stay On Top / Playing For Time, plus free EP: Gypsy - Easy Liviní / Sweet Lorraine - Stealiní (double single)
Bronze BROG 168
Stay On Top UK

Rockarama (edit) / Backstage Girl
Portrait A 6103
Rockarama UK

Rockarama (edit) / Backstage Girl (shaped picture disc)
Portrait WA 6103
Rockarama UK pic disc

Rockarama / Gypsy (live) - Backstage Girl (12" single)
Portrait TA 6103
Rockarama UK 12

Poor Little Rich Girl (edit) / Bad Blood
Portrait A 6309
Poor Little Rich Girl UK

Poor Little Rich Girl / Bad Blood - Gypsy (live) (12" single)
Portrait TX 6309
Poor Little Rich Girl UK 12

Easy Livin' (live) / Corina (live)
Legacy LGY 65
Easy Livin' UK

Easy Livin' (live) - Corina (live) / Gypsy (live) (12" single)
Legacy LGYT 65
Easy Livin' UK

Lady In Black - July Morning (live) - Easy Livin' (cd-single promoting a compilation album)
Castle CD 3-16
Lady In Black cdsingle UK '88

Hold Your Head Up (edit) / Miracle Child
Legacy LGY 67
Hod Your Head Up UK

Hold Your Head Up (extended) / Hold Your Head Up (edit) - Miracle Child (12" single)
Legacy LGYT 67
Hold Your Head Up UK

Blood Red Roses / Rough Justice
Legacy LGY 67
Blood Red Roses UK

Blood Red Roses - Rough Justice / Look At Yourself (live) (12" single)
Legacy LGYT 67
Blood Red Roses UK

Dream On (edit) - Mr. Majestic - The Other Side Of Midnight (live)
HTD CD 102
Dream On UK

Why / Gypsy (edit)
Free with Demond And Wizards 25th Anniversary Edition remastered LP

Come Away Melinda - Heartless Land - Time Of Revelation - Everything In Life - Come Away Melinda special enhanced video track (cdsingle)
Come Away Melinda UK

Lady In Black (edit) - Cross That Line - Circus - Lady In Black (live) - Lady In Black special enhanced video track (cdsingle)
Lady In Black UK