"STUDIO REPUBLIC" ACETATE Unreleased recordings from 1968

Side A Spice acetate Side A Side B Spice acetate Side B Side B What About The Music / In Love single Spice Spice recording line-up 1968
Previously unreleased Spice recordings from 1968 have just been discovered. Information on this four-song acetate disc was published at website www.45cat.com and from there it was first discovered by Finnish Heepster Martti Suhonen. This is an important find since until now there had been no knowledge that Spice records of this kind existed.

However, researches showed that all these recordings are from the studio sessions that the band did in 1968. These sessions were produced by Ray Horricks for United Artists. The line-up of the band at the time was: David Byron - vocals, Mick Box - guitar, Paul Newton - bass guitar & Nigel Pegrum - drums. Almost an album's worth of material is said to have been recorded at these sessions but only one single, the highly collectable 7" 'What About The Music / In Love' (United Artists UA 2246) was ever released. For more information on Spice history and line-up's go to this page.

The acetate contains four songs, two on each side and the titles are:
A1: Funny Man At The Fair
A2: In Love
B1: Masquerade
B2: Leila
The band name and the titles of songs are typed on the label and there's a stamped logo and text "Studio Republic", obviously teh studio where the songs were recorded. On the label it says Emidisc but this doesn't mean that the recording had anything to do with EMI Records. This was one brand of blank acetates produced by Emidisc which were used by studios like blank CD-R's are used today.

Of the songs on the acetate only 'In Love' has been released but the other three have never been released or even available in the collector's circuit before. Neither is the rest of the material from these sessions been released, there isn't even any evidence if these still exist in some vault. Hopefully these rarities can be made available for public also and released on CD either individually or as part of a future Heep-rarities but