This series was started in 1998 by members of The Heepsters Mailing List with the aim of sharing some of the rarest Uriah Heep recordings with other fans. These CD-R's include unreleased songs and rare live & studio recordings. Previously these have been distributed on CD-R but in the near future it is planned to make them available as digital downloads. They are distributed free of charge so you cannot offer to buy these. Also you must be a member of the mailing list to be able to receive these. If you are not a member, please do not ask for copies. For more information on The Mailing list and how to join, please go to: Travellers In Time website

Contains some of the rarest unreleased Uriah Heep songs as well as unreleased live versions like the BBC sessions 1970-71.


'The John Lawton Years'
Double cd set featuring recordings made 1976 - 1979, some of them come from the last sessions with Lawton and have never been officially released, the rest of the tracks are out-takes available only as single b-sides or cd bonus tracks.


'David Byron: The Lost Songs'
Compiled from Byron's work outside of Heep 1968 - 1978 and contains eg. session work that he did for Avenue Records, songs from his collaboration with John Schroeder as well as some rare single b-sides etc.


'Ken Hensley With Blackfoot'
Double cd set. The first disc contains a live recording by Blackfoot featuring Ken Hensley. The second cd is a retrospective of Hensley's work outside of Uriah Heep with bands like Weed, Head Machine, Cliff Bennett Band & Toe fat including also some unreleased and recordings from his solo carieer.


'Uriah Heep with Peter Goalby, John Sloman & Steff Fontaine'
Double cd set featuring selected live performances with each three vocalists and also rare recordings available only on vinyl singles.