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Tavastia, Helsinki Finland 28th June1997



JUKKA JYLLI - bass guitar (Mannerheim)
PATE KIVINEN - keyboards (Five Fifteen & Mannerheim)
SAKU PAASINIEMI - guitar (Mannerheim)
SAMI VAINIKKA - guitar (Spoon)
LEKA RANTANEN - drums (Tunnelvision)

Pate & Anssi

KIMMO BLOM - vocals (Sulf)
ANSSI STENBERG - vocals (Mannerheim)
HEPA VAARA - vocals (Tunnelvision)


JUKKA WAHLSTEN - Mixing & Recording
KATI - Monitor Mixing
MIKA NYMAN - Drum Techinician & Slides

Kimmo, Hepa & Pasi


Opening music: Salisbury intro

1. SWEET LORRAINE (Box/Byron/Thain)
From The Magician's Birthday (1972), lead vocals Hepa
From Raging Silence (1989), lead vocals Pasi
3. SWEET FREEDOM (Hensley)
From Sweet Freedom (1973), lead vocals Anssi
4. STEALIN' (Hensley)
From Sweet Freedom (1973), lead vocals Kimmo
5. FREE ME (Hensley)
From Innocent Victim (1977), lead vocals Kimmo
6. TOO SCARED TO RUN (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
From Abominog (1982), lead vocals Pasi
7. JULY MORNING (Byron/Hensley)
From Look At Yourself (1972), lead vocals Pasi
8. SUNRISE (Hensley)
From The Magician's Birthday (1972), lead vocals Anssi
9. RAIN (Hensley)
From The Magician's Birthday (1972), lead vocals Anssi
10. GYPSY (Byron/Box)
From Very 'Eavy ... Very 'Umble (1970), lead vocals Hepa
11. SO TIRED (Box/Hensley/Byron/Kerslake/Thain)
From Wonderworld (1974), lead vocals Pasi
12. IT AIN'T EASY (Bolder)
From Conquest (1980), lead vocals Kimmo
13. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke)
From Demons And Wizards (1972), lead vocals Hepa
14. LOOK AT YOURSELF (Hensley)
From Look At Yourself (1972), lead vocals Kimmo
15. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley)
From Salisbury (1971), lead vocals everybody

From Demons And Wizards (1972), lead vocals Anssi

Saku & Kimmo

"Easy Livin' In Helsinki" (by Tapio Minkkinen)

The idea to arrange some kind of gettogether for Finnish Heep fans came to my mind sometime in early 1997. After the band's well received tour in Finland in November 1996 I realized that there are still a lot of die-hard Heep fans here, but the band doesn't get recognized at all nowadays in media. It's no wonder that some think the band doesn't excist anymore. So I thought something had to be done to better the situation and maybe bring back some old fans that have forgotten Heep somewhere along the way.

I started putting advertisements in rock magazines for other Heepsters to contact me etc. and from the response I got I knew that this was worth trying. I began corresponding with fellow Heepsters and now there are about 30 of them with whom I keep frequent contact. Mainly I've been passing on information on band's current activities, tours & record releases, I've also informed of the various fan clubs.

The idea was to get a band to play a set of Heep songs and invite everyone there. In March 1997 I talked about my plans to Leka Rantanen, who plays drums in a band called Tunnelvision. He said he could take part in arranging the event and contacted the people at Tavastia. They also loved the idea so it was quite easy to book the club for a Uriah Heep night.

Leka would take care of putting together the band, the rehearsals and everything that had to with the gig itself and I would do all the rest. First I asked Jari-Pekka Laitio, who has his own Uriah Heep home page in the Internet, for some help. He contacted both Mick Box and Ken Hensley and ask them to send their personal greetings to Finnish Heep fans. Jari-Pekka provided us also with a lot of other useful information.

The first task for me was propably the most difficult - to select the songs to be played. With such a lot of great material to choose from, it was quite impossible to select a set that would please everyone, since all have their own favourites. It would have to be have been at least a four hour set! However, it was clear that the set would concentrate mainly on songs from the David Byron era but I wanted to include also at least one song from each other singer's period.

After I managed to get some kind of list done I presented it to the band and they started working on it. The final set list was a bit different from the original because some songs that I had suggested didn't really work out and some vocalists had their own favourites which they wanted to sing. Anssi insisted on including 'Rain' and Hepa had been singing 'The Wizard' live before.

When I went to see the rehearsals for the first time I didn't really know what to expect, but after I heard them play some songs I was convinced that this was going to be a good one. Leka had done a terrific job in choosing the musicians and vocalists.

After three months of preparation and rehearsals, lots of phone calls taken and letters written, the day finally came. There was much more work in putting the concert together than I could have imagined beforehand, but it was certainly worth all the trouble. It was great to meet other Heep fans before the concert, many of them I had already been in touch, but never met in person. The concert itself was even better than I would have thought. I had of course heard them at the rehearsals, so I knew there was something worth waiting. Though the renting a Hammond cost us half of the money we got from the gig, it was the right decision. The audience also seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. The show was great fun, but so was also the party backstage after the concert. But that's another story.

Hopefully out tribute concert helped in some way to raise awareness to the fact that Uriah Heep are still going on stronger than ever and making good quality albums, to get some new UH fans and to remind the older Heepsters of what they have been missing for the past twenty years or so. I think this could be a good way to do elsewhere also in places where Heep don't tour that often. Now we'll just have to wait for "the real thing" - the next time Heep comes here to play, but in the meantime I think this was a good substitute.

Thanks to each and everyone who were there and to all those who contributed in making the Uriah Heep Night at Tavastia happen, especially Mick Box and Ken Hensley for sending us their personal greetings.

Tapio Minkkinen

Leka & Sami at the soundcheck


To everybody taking part in the Uriah Heep Night I want to send you all my heart felt thanks on behalf of the whole band.

It is a shame we will not be able to share this special night with you but we will still be with you all in spirit "One Way Or Another" so have a great night and "Keep on Rockin'".

'Appy Days

Mick Box


Hi, this is Ken Hensley and I bring you greetings and best wishes from St. Louis Missouri, right in the middle of The United States. Right now I am very busy working on three different projects. Three new songs for a Polygram 'Best Of' my solo albums, the first Visible Faith record and helping put together the Polygram 25th anniversary Heep set. It's a busy time but I like being busy.

It has been a long time since I was in Finland but now, through the miracle of technology, here I am ... well kind of!

I want you all to know that I am grateful for all the support you have given Uriah Heep and myself over the years. I will be producing a lot of music in the next few years so I hope you will be able to stay in touch with me so we can share it! I am really easy to find, Jari has my e-mail address and now, you can even see my studio by visiting the web-site at

Finally, if you would like to receive our newsletter, you can write to me at Ken Hensley Music., 1502 S. Big Bend Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. 63117. USA.

Thanks again to all of you and I do look forward to hearing from you.

Ken Hensley

"The Hammond"


Dear Tapio
Many thanks for the tape of the show at Tavastia Club. I'm very impressed, you did a good job in setting everything up and it sounds like it was a great night. The main thing that stood out to me was that the vocals sounded very much like John Sloman in parts. Overall I thought it sounded good and thanks for taking the trouble to send the tape.Sorry it took me so long to reply.
Best Wishes
Alan Hartley


The evening was great. I didn't know what to expect beforehand, but I have to say that I couldn't have so much from it. It was great to meet other Heep fans and get new friends. At first head organizer Tapio Minkkinen read the greetings from Mick Box and Ken Hensley that I had forwarded. Everyone at Tavastia was happy that Mick and Ken gave their long greetings. It was surely not easy to organize a show like this, Tapio must have had a lot to worry about. The concert place is the most famous rock club in Finland. Musicians had trained long time these songs. I'm living so far away from Helsinki that I was able to do just some things.
Crowd was quite good, some Uriah Heep fans had driven 400 kilometers to see the concert. There were no highlights, for them the whole show was just great. I had a really good time. There were about 250 - 350 people and with two big festivals held at the same time elsewhere in Finland this was very good.
The band started to play at midnight with Sweet Lorraine. It was good that there were four singers and every one of them sang the songs that suited best for their voice. It was strange for me to hear for the first time live songs like: Sweet Freedom, Free Me, Blood Red Roses & Rain. We heard songs from every Uriah Heep singers' period. There were a few surprises and specially It Ain't Easy from my absolute favourite Uriah Heep album Conquest was a great moment to me. I've asked Trevor Bolder and Mick to play Feelings or It Ain't Easy sometimes live in Finland. They haven't promised, but I'm hopeful to hear sometimes either one of them.
One special moment was to see the whole band: 5 players playing and 4 singers singing Lady In Black on stage. The band played really well, I didn't notice any big mistakes and I didn't hear that anyone was disappointed. I hope this is not going to be the last concert, I'm looking forward to the next one.
Jari-Pekka Laitio


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