URIAH HEEP in Udine Italy, 30th June 1980

Made by Tapio Minkkinen
Website Short story about Uriah Heep Conquest Tour concert in Udine/Italy - 06/30/1980

At this time me and my friend Paolo (the guitarist in my band called Danger), were very excited to go to see Uriah Heep with the new vocalist John Sloman. I was also curious to see Chris Slade who had played drums with the Manfred Mann's Earth Band - another group I love. We went in ‘Palasport Primo Carnera’ at 6.00 pm. about three hours before the start of the concert. There were a lot of people from other cities and from Austria and Yugoslavia also. The Palasport was full with abt 5,000 people all eagerly awaiting for the concert. I remembered the first time I had seen Uriah Heep in Mezzovico (CH) three years before but it was very different compared to this, anyway this is another story.

Concert began at 21.45 with 'Stealin', but otherwise I don't remember the exact set list. They played also 'Gypsy', 'Easy Livin', 'Look at Yourself', 'July Morning' (with help from Ken on lead vocals!), 'Suicidal Man', 'Carry On', 'Won't Have To Wat Too long' (great singing by John!), 'The Wizard', 'Sweet Lorraine', 'Imagination' and more. A very great concert of cool music for two hours and a half.

I do remember noticing that at times the new vocalist John Sloman seemed to have problems in singing some of the Heep classics although his performance was good on songs from Conquest album, expecially 'Feelings', 'Out On The Street' and 'No Return', where Ken Hensley used a little "rattle" effect. John played electric piano during the concert and had a great success with all the girls present... It Ain't Easy was sung by John, and I remember the great technical skils of Chris on drumming and Trevor on bass also.

When Ken started to sing 'Lady in Black' performing with an acoustic guitar, a boom of claps and voices rolled and the audience sang the choruses in unison! I believe this was the last concert of Ken Hensley with Uriah Heep. His professionalism and his passion for U.H. project were the same of the beginning... Last but not least Mick Box, who excited and dragged people with his great histrionics and cleverness.

Adriano Stori
Udine/Italy 01/25/2001