Uriah Heep not only has had some great lead vocalists over the years but there are also a number of songs sung by someone other than the lead vocalist at the time. In this listing are included songs where some other member of the band has clearly taken over the lead vocals completely or partly





LADY IN BLACK (from Salisbury 1971)

Lead vocals Ken Hensley




HIGH PRIESTESS (from Salisbury 1971)

Lead vocals Ken Hensley




LOOK AT YOURSELF (from Look At Yourself 1971)

Lead vocals Ken Hensley

Hensley sang the original recorded studio version but David Byron sang this song always at concerts so the Live 1973 version is sung by Byron




PARADISE (from Demons And Wizards 1972)

Lead vocals David Byron & Ken Hensley

This is by Byron only in the beginning but in the end they devide the verses. Hensley comes in on: “Secret hearts and sorry tale etc.” and from then on they take turns on the last three verses of the song that are repeated till fadeout




THE SPELL (from Demons And Wizards 1972)

Lead vocals David Byron & Ken Hensley

Again mostly Byron but Hensley signs two verses in the middle staring with: “I'll fill you with fear so you know I'm here etc.”


THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY (from The Magician’s Birthday 1972)

Lead vocals David Byron & Ken Hensley

Byron sings this for the most part but it’s Hensley in the very last section starting with: “The fear went as quickly as it came etc.”




THE WIZARD (from Demons And Wizards 1972)

Lead vocals David Byron & Mark Clarke

This song was recorded for a single release prior to the recording of the album and it features Mark Clarke. He also wrote and sang the part in the song that begins with: “Why don’t we listen to the voices in our hearts etc.”




WHY (single b-side 1972)

Lead vocals David Byron & Ken Hensley

This version of the song with Hensley singing part of the lead vocals was recorded for a single b-side at the same sessions as The Wizard. Byron sings the verses and choruses and Hensley sings the bridge that it repeated several times during the song. The first section begins with: “Well, I’ve been through some changes, now I’m leaving etc.” There is also another earlier version recorded at Look At Yourself sessions but that version is missing the parts that Hensley sings so that one is Byron only




ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (from High And Mighty 1976)

Lead vocals John Wetton & Ken Hensley

Byron was sick at the time when a demo of this song was recorded so Wetton took over the vocals and as they were already used to hearing his voice on the track it was decided not to re-record the vocals after Byron had recovered. Hensley sings the part beginning with: “I'm beginning to think that a forever kind of love etc.”




FIREFLY (from Firefly 1977)

Lead vocals Ken Hensley & John Lawton

Hensley sings this one otherwise but the last part beginning with: “In my dreams you come to me, the answer to my prayer etc.” is sung by Lawton




MISTER MAJESTIC (from Live In Moscow 1988)

Lead vocals Phil Lanzon & Bernie Shaw



Mostly Lanzon on lead vocals but Shaw sings the part in the middle of the song starting with: “This was how the west was won...”


MIRACLE CHILD (single b-side 1989)

Lead vocals Phil Lanzon




FEAR OF FALLING (from Sea Of Light 1995)

Lead vocals Trevor Bolder & Bernie Shaw

This is mainly Bolder but Shaw sings also. Bolder’s voice is higher in the mix so his voice can be heard better




LOST (from Into The Wild 2011)

Lead vocals Trevor Bolder