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Acoustically Driven CRL0675 (DVD) / CRL0674 (VHS) Released in May 2001 1. ECHOES IN THE DARK (Hensley) 4.44 2. WHY DID YOU GO (Byron/Box/Hensley/Kerslake) 3.59 3. THE EASY ROAD (Hensley) 2.41 4. COME BACK TO ME (Kerslake/Hensley) 4.40 5. CROSS THAT LINE (Box/Lanzon) 5.56 6. THE GOLDEN PALACE (Box/Lanzon) 8.17 7. THE SHADOWS AND THE WIND (Hensley) 4.30 8. WONDERWORLD (Hensley) 4.33 9. DIFFERENT WORLD (Box/Lanzon) 5.03 10. CIRCUS (Thain/Box/Kerslake) 4.21 11. BLIND EYE (Hensley) 3.37 12. TRAVELLER IN TIME (Byron/Box/Kerslake) 2.50 13. MORE FOOL YOU (Box/Lanzon) 3.30 14. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley) 6.15 15. MEDLEY: THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke) / PARADISE (Hensley) / CIRCLE OF HANDS (Hensley) 9.24 MICK BOX - Guitar And Vocals LEE KERSLAKE - Drums And Vocals TREVOR BOLDER - Bass Guitar And Vocals PHIL LANZON - Keyboards And Vocals BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals SPECIAL GUEST IAN ANDERSON The Uriah Heep Classic Rock Music Ensemble: Liz Cheyen Liew - first violin Sarah Chi Liew - second violin Saskia Tomkins - viola Pauline Kirke - cello String arrangements by Pip Williams and Phil Lanzon Stefan Hannigan - uillean pipes and percussion Melvin Duffy - pedal steel and slide guitar Kim Chandler -flautist on 'The Easy Road', 'The Golden Palace' and 'More Fool You' Pip Williams - additional acoustic guitar on 'Lady In Black' Backing vocalists: Emma Robbins - Kim Chandler - Billie Godfrey This is a Classic Rock Legends Production Produced by Pip Williams Executive producer - Bob Carruthers Recorded on the Fleetwood Mobile and engineered by Tim Summerhayes Assisted by Laura Whitaker and Tibor Kovacs Mixed at the Stoneroom Studios and engineered by Lee Hirons Additional mixing in the Fleetwood Mobile thanks to Jan Dyckhoff Soundtrack recorded live at The Mermaid Theatre, London on Saturday 9th December 2000 Next VideoPrevious VideoBack To Video Index